Croupier vs. Dealer: Difference Explained

Working in a casino is like no other job out there. As you know, this is quite a lucrative industry that employs millions worldwide. The number of positions available in the industry is nothing short of exceptional. Numerous people have found their jobs and even made life-long careers. Why we’re mentioning this? Well, it may seem otherwise to someone outside the gambling industry.

As with any industry, this one also has unique features you should get familiar with before applying for a job. Regarding the standout positions, we would say that the croupier and dealer are the prominent faces.

Why is that? Just think about all the commercials you’ve seen over the years. Croupiers and dealers are the most featured ones of them all. To look at how croupiers function in today’s digital era, visit IgnitionCasino.

Today, we want to discuss the main features and differences between croupiers and dealers.

The Dealer

The Dealer

First, we want to touch upon the concept of dealers. What should be known is that the dealer is someone who works as an overseer of various card games. When it comes to the responsibilities of a dealer, they are quite numerous, even though it may not look like that at first. For instance, the dealer has the task of distributing the cards to the players. The same can be said about chips in some games, like poker.

If we’re talking about blackjack, the dealer is not only someone who distributes cards and chips but also serves as the opponent. The goal is to beat the dealer’s hand with the cards you’re served with. Furthermore, their role is also to maintain the game’s regularity. There are many stories about players who tried to take advantage of loopholes. The position comes with a responsibility to prevent these from happening.

Some famous gamblers throughout history were banned from entering well-known casinos like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The goal is to provide all players with an equal chance of success, and you will surely agree this is impossible with someone taking advantage of the loopholes we’ve mentioned before. All that should be done while also maintaining efficient operation.



Originally, croupier was a term that described a person who was standing or sitting behind the gambler and providing additional sums of money so that the player wouldn’t have to leave the table during the game. However, the meaning of the term changed over the years. Many make the mistake of believing this is just a synonym for the term dealer. But this is not the case, at least in some parts of the world.

Croupier is a term that describes a person who is responsible for running the game but also maintaining the proper customer interaction. They are responsible for this job until they move up in the hierarchy. You will no longer see them present at the table when that happens. But while they are there, their job, even though they officially don’t have a lot of responsibilities, is not a simple task.

In Europe, countries like France and England, people responsible for maintaining the regulations in roulette are referred to as croupiers. Therefore, you will not know the term for the dealer being used for this job position. With that in mind, the difference between these two terms should be understood mainly based on the region you’re located in.

What Makes a Good Dealer and Croupier?

What Makes a Good Dealer and Croupier?

Not many require attention when it comes to the traits that make the difference between a quality and average dealer or croupier. But those that exist are crucial to understand for a professional. For instance, being proficient in mathematics is an absolute must. It is not being able to calculate handling bets and calculating payouts. It is a fundamental requirement for professionals.

Being a proper communicator is another critical factor. Being able to entertain the players during the game is one of the most essential traits. Just participating in a game is not enough for a high number of players.

But the most critical trait is to be able to maintain your concentration at all times. Just think about how many people you will communicate with throughout the day, and you need to provide the same service to all of them. Unwavering concentration is a must.

Croupiers and Dealers in the Digital Age

Croupiers and Dealers in the Digital Age

The Internet age has marked a completely new beginning in the industry. The days when dealers were reserved solely for brick-and-mortar casinos are long gone. Today, you will find countless online casinos that can communicate with live dealers online. Dealers do their job in real time, without any pre-recorded content being involved.

Realistically, there are no massive differences between the traditional position and what we have now. The only difference, even though not a small one, is the internet. By doing so, one dealer can serve roughly the same number of players in an online table as with a real casino. Players can place all the bets quite easily while maintaining communication with the dealer while playing the game.

You will see that some of the industry’s most experienced professionals have transitioned from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos. At first, this transition has not been an easy one for a variety of reasons. You will agree that the same happens when changes of this sort are made, regardless of the industry. But we can see that the future looks bright for this trend.


As you can see, these two terms can be synonyms, but not always. While understanding their differences might not look big, they are certainly significant, especially when you have the regional aspect in your focus. We believe that we’ve cleared misunderstandings you might had regarding these two.