Spilled Water/Coffee on Laptop? – Here’s How to Fix it Quickly

Spilled Water Coffee on Laptop

Accidents happen. One moment, you’re sipping your favorite beverage while working or browsing, and the next, disaster strikes—a spill on your laptop. Water or coffee making contact with your device can lead to panic. However, quick and correct actions can sometimes save your laptop from permanent damage, and I’m here to share them with you. … Read more

How Long Should a Laptop Last? – Lifespan & Battery

Life Expectancy of Laptop

Laptops are like faithful companions that go with us everywhere, from the classroom to the coffee shop, and even on vacation. But just like anything else, they don’t last forever. Today, I will talk about how long you can expect your laptop to stick around and what happens to its battery over time. Key Takeaways … Read more