Who is Valeyard? Dive into Doctor Who’s Enigmatic Character

Dive into Doctor Who's Enigmatic Valeyard Character

The Valeyard is a highly enigmatic character in Doctor Who, considered the Doctor’s greatest enemy. But what is the story behind his creation? In the 1986 Doctor Who storyline, the Doctor was on trial for his life on a Gallifreyan space station, prosecuted by a formidable court official called the Valeyard. In a surprising twist … Read more

Doctor Who: Story Behind the Creation of K9

k9 doctor who

Doctor Who, the long-running British science fiction television series, has introduced countless memorable characters since its debut in 1963. One such character, the robotic dog K9, has captured the hearts of fans across generations. This comprehensive and engaging article delves into the fascinating story behind K9’s creation and its journey through the Doctor Who universe. … Read more

14th Doctor Who Announcement Is Imminent – Who’ll Replace Jodie Whittaker?

Jodie Whittaker

It’s now official. Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor made her grand exit in last night’s feature-length Doctor Who episode. However, rather than regenerating into the previously revealed Ncuti Gatwa, we were left with a bewildered David Tennant, seemingly returning as the 10th Doctor. “I recognize those teeth,” Tennant’s Doctor declared as he realized that this new … Read more

Hero Collector’s Doctor Who Advent Calendar Unwrapped – Prepare for Christmas

Doctor Who

It was Doctor Who Day this week (23 November) so here at Hero Collector we wanted to share with you the brilliance of not only our exclusive (and frankly essential) advent calendar for time-traveling devotees but how some of our passionate fans have reacted to opening them! As you’ll be aware, we offer the greatest Who advent calendar … Read more

Doctor Who: Weeping Angel Special – World-Famous Statue

Weeping angel doctor Who

Coming soon, is the Doctor Who Figurines Collection: Weeping Angel ‘Statue of Liberty’ special. The Weeping Angel (Statue of Liberty) Figurine captures the likeness of the world-famous statue, turned into a giant Weeping Angel, as seen in the 2012 Eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) adventure ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’. The Weeping Angels are alien predators who can only … Read more

Doctor Who: New Companion for 2021

Doctor Who

Bye, Graham and Ryan! The two friends/companions/assistants bade farewell to the Doctor in the New Year’s Doctor Who festive special. But look who’s taking the place of the slightly cynical older gent in the TARDIS… The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz are set to welcome a new face to the TARDIS later this year as actor and … Read more

Doctor Who Print Collection – Step into the TARDIS

Doctor Who Print Collection

After a quiet launch a few months ago, the Hero Collector shop has been adding to its quality collection of Doctor Who art prints and T-shirts lately. We’re overdue for a catch-up, so here’s a look at all the episodic designs released so far. The Tomb of the Cybermen art print features a design by Rian Hughes, cover artist for … Read more

Doctor Who Season 10 Brings the Classic Cybermen to Life

Doctor Who season 10

The 12th Doctor’s final adventure will mirror his first incarnation by battling Mondasian Cybermen. A recent BBC announcement revealed that Peter Capaldi’s last season of Doctor Who will feature these original Cybermen with a lower production-value appearance. Although marketed as the return of the “original” Cybermen, it’s not entirely accurate. Mondasian Cybermen have appeared since … Read more