Doctor Who Print Collection – Step into the TARDIS

After a quiet launch a few months ago, the Hero Collector shop has been adding to its quality collection of Doctor Who art prints and T-shirts lately. We’re overdue for a catch-up, so here’s a look at all the episodic designs released so far.

The Tomb of the Cybermen art print features a design by Rian Hughes, cover artist for the official Doctor Who comic, whose XX, A Novel, Graphic has just been published by Picador. The print commemorates the Second Doctor’s chilling adventure ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen‘ (1967). The ominous icon of the Cybermen tomb is emblazoned against a black background, surrounded by radiating alien symbols…

Also by Rian, The Mind Robber art print commemorates the surreal Second Doctor adventure ‘The Mind Robber (1968). Stranded in the Land of Fiction, Patrick Troughton’s Doctor overcame mythical creatures and superheroes in order to return to reality. This stark design, reminiscent of classic science fiction movie posters, features one of the robots who patrolled the White Void beyond.

The War Machines art print features artwork by Robert Hack, cover artist for the official Doctor Who comics, commemorating the classic First Doctor episode ‘The War Machines’ (1966). A then-contemporary tale of a rogue military supercomputer bent on conquering humanity, this adventure introduced new companions Ben and Polly. The titular War Machines grind through the rubble of London on this pulp novel-style design!

The Earthshock art print features artwork by John Ross, artist for Doctor Who Magazine, commemorating the classic Fifth Doctor episode ‘Earthshock’ (1982). The Cybermen returned to the show in this shocking story that saw the Doctor’s companion Adric die preventing the destruction of humanity! This ominous design features a Cyberman looming from out of the darkness of the space-freighter…

doctor who magazine

The Genesis of the Daleks art print features artwork by Adrian Salmon, a long-time illustrator for Doctor Who Magazine, and commemorates the Doctor’s first encounter with Davros in the Tom Baker classic episode ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ (1975). Davros, the maniacal creator of the Daleks, is flanked by his cybernetic soldiers in this propaganda-style poster.

Adrian also created the City of Death art print, commemorating the classic Fourth Doctor adventure ‘The City of Death’ (1979). A hilarious episode co-written by Douglas Adam (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) with a cameo from comedians John Cleese and Eleanor Bron, this tourist-style design features the Eiffel tower and Scaroth – a fiendish alien who planned to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre!

This Blink Art Print features artwork by Robert Hack (Doctor Who, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) commemorating the classic Tenth Doctor episode, ‘Blink’ (2007). A story packed with spine-tingling twists and turns, Blink introduced the wildly popular Weeping Angels – who loom behind Sally Sparrow on this pulp novel-style design!

The Angels Take Manhattan art print features a design by Brian Williamson, illustrator for the official Doctor Who comics, commemorating the Eleventh Doctor’s final adventure with Amy and Rory in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ (2012). On holiday in New York, the Doctor and his friends are ambushed by the return of the Weeping Angels! This slick noir-style design features the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond, and the terrifying Angel of Liberty.

the day of doctor

The Day of the Doctor art print, by Rian Hughes, commemorates the resurrection of Gallifrey and the debut of the War Doctor in the epic multi-doctor adventure The Day of the Doctor (2013). The sky burns as the Dalek armada launch their attack on Gallifrey itself, in this gorgeously stylized design!

The Lie of the Land art print features artwork by Karen Hallion (Nasty Lady Liberty), commemorating the return of Missy – the Master’s first female incarnation – in the Twelfth Doctor episode “The Lie of the Land” (2017). Missy stands hands-on-hips in this stylish album cover design, entwined with the sinister Truth symbol of the alien Monks.

The Woman Who Fell To Earth art print features artwork by Lisa Henke, who commemorates the Thirteenth Doctor’s debut adventure ‘The Woman Who Fell To Earth’ (2020). With almost eleven million viewers, this episode introduced fans to Jodie Whittaker and kicked off a whole new era of Doctor Who. This beautiful design captures the Doctor’s silhouette against a vibrant image of Earth.

Every print measures 300 x 400mm on 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching stock and comes in a limited edition of just 200 copies worldwide. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

And, all the prints are available on handsome 100% cotton T-Shirts…