Doctor Who: Weeping Angel Special – World-Famous Statue

Coming soon, is the Doctor Who Figurines Collection: Weeping Angel ‘Statue of Liberty’ special.

The Weeping Angel (Statue of Liberty) Figurine captures the likeness of the world-famous statue, turned into a giant Weeping Angel, as seen in the 2012 Eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) adventure ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’.

The Weeping Angels are alien predators who can only move when no-one’s watching… and disguise themselves as statues. In his final adventure with Amy and Rory, the Eleventh Doctor discovered that the Weeping Angels had turned New York City into a battery farm for preying on human energy… even transforming the Statue of Liberty into a giant Weeping Angel!

Doctor Who figurine

The only way to foil the Angels’ plot was to create a paradox big enough to poison the time energy on which they fed. In the end, Rory opted to sacrifice himself, hurling himself from a roof as the snarling Angel of Liberty loomed overhead. Without his temporal energy, the timeline was forced to reset… and although Amy and Rory were left stranded in the past, they were at least together.

weeping angel figurine

This highly detailed figurine comes complete with a 20-page illustrated magazine examining your figurine in close detail and the creative process behind it and exclusive behind-the-scenes of ‘The Angels Take Manhattan‘.