Game On: How Gamers Bring a Unique Perspective to Casino Game Design

The gambling industry, being among the most vibrant ones out there, has always been a pioneer when it comes to new technologies. You can find numerous examples of technologies that have been developed or tested in this industry. However, we can see that there is one case where the exact opposite happened. The video game industry has impacted the gambling industry in terms of casino game design.

As you know, there are countless gambling websites. Of course, not all of them are created equal, especially when it comes to the question of design. The most prominent service providers have discovered the importance of this factor before others. Nowadays, there are many beautifully designed casino games, like those you can enjoy at Betiton.

Now, let us take a look at how gamers brought a whole new perspective to the design of online casinos.

The Impact on Graphics

The Impact on Graphics

The most important way this has occurred is presented in graphics. Back in the day, functionality was the priority for the gambling industry, and when you think about it, this was not the wrong approach. The internet was in its early stages, and the performance of high-quality graphics on a dial-up connection would be questionable, to say the least. At the same time, functionality was more important to players themselves.

Let us be honest, nobody paid any attention to how good the graphics would be since there was not much to look at. Seeing the cards you got at a video poker was more than enough. Still, with the internet becoming significantly faster in the last decade, the need for improved graphics surged. The generation who grew up on arcade video games has started using desktop PCs, which was a significant improvement.

Many of them became online gamblers or bettors. Therefore, they wanted to have a more appealing experience. The experience of video game developers and designers proved crucial in reaching this goal. Many got employed at companies that produce online casino games. Probably the best examples of improved graphics can be found in numerous online slots. Some of them are even themed, which are inspired by TV shows, movies, and even video games.

Improved User Interface

Improved User Interface

The user interface is something developers of all sorts commit a lot of time to. Today’s users want to have a seamless experience for even paying attention to an app, website, or video game. Even the smallest glitches can cause them to bounce. Therefore, the development companies consulted video game developers on how to overcome this issue. Simplicity is the first factor they found interesting.

Simplicity is always a great thing since users will not need to waste a lot of time before they figure out how everything works. Since we live in a day and age where time is a scarce resource, this issue has become essential for everyone. Another factor that required a lot of attention was for the user interface to be intuitive. While some may think this term is a synonym for simplicity, this isn’t the case.

The final aspect is for the user interface to be clear. What do we mean when we say this? Well, the developer must ensure that the options provided to the user are not contradictory. Their not being as straightforward as possible immediately increases the bounce rate, which nobody wants. Gamers usually play highly complex titles, where simplicity on a micro-level is something held in the highest regard. Over time, it became a standard for online casinos.



The hottest trend in the gambling industry right now is developing games that resemble video game titles. While this trend originated some years ago, it only recently became prominent. With the emergence of this trend, the question of entertainment has become essential. You can see countless examples out there. Titles have become interesting due to numerous factors, like interactive gameplay and more complex narratives.

Therefore, it is not reasonable that the design will be at the same level after all these changes have been introduced. The goal of the design is not just to offer a pleasant outlook so that the players can enjoy it, but the design needs to go with functionality hand-in-hand. Therefore, gamification has improved user retention significantly, and you can be sure that it will continue to do the same in the future.

For instance, you will have numerous additions, like leaderboards, interactive quests, and unlockable achievement taps. That leads to a variety of benefits, including increased playing time. Naturally, this directly results in a much higher profit for the house, don’t you agree? The days when these were presented just as a table with cards or roulette are long gone, and it is not likely this concept will return to the basics in the foreseeable future.

Fading Boundaries

The last thing we would like to note is that the boundaries between casino games and video games are going to change even more in the future. From what we can see now, it looks like they will become one concept at one point in time. There are several experiments on this already, and some of them have been introduced to the public, of course, in a demo version. We are yet to see what the developers produced.

You can see numerous mobile games where some segments of gambling have been introduced already. When we say gambling, we don’t mean it literally, we are more talking about the concept of a game of chance, without an actual reward or loss. However, some demo projects have already been announced and it is already a matter of time before the combination of these two concepts becomes a reality in many titles.


As you can see, we are talking about two industries that intervene with each other. We can agree that these two concepts are relatively close to each other. Therefore, nobody should be surprised why this, let us say, collaboration has occurred and why it will stay relevant in the future. We are certain you will find this insight helpful and entertaining.