Beyond Luck: The Importance of Strategy in Skill-Based Casino Live Games

Most people think luck is the main factor that can affect the outcome of some gambling games. However, it depends on the game type and other factors, such as rules, the impact of your moves, other players, and more. We can divide these games into two big groups.

The first relates to those options where luck is the main factor, and there is no way to affect the outcome, no matter how good you are. Conversely, there are some options where experience and skills can make a difference.

Before you choose any of these options, remember that visiting a well-known website is crucial. That will ensure safety, improved experience, and even some free prizes. In that matter, check out Moreover, we will focus on games that require skills and explain how having a good strategy can help you win more often.

Learn the Rules


Before you start playing a game where skills can make a difference, keep in mind that different types might have some specific rules. For example, both Blackjack and Poker are skill-based games but require a completely different approach.

You will have to master the game before you are ready to risk more money while playing. The great thing is that you can find a lot of free options online. Also, it is common that online gambling platforms are providing new players with free funds. You can use the free credit to test different titles. Developing a working strategy is not that simple. In that matter, never rush by thinking that you are a pro.

Never Rely on Luck

While it remains one of the most important factors even in games that require skills, luck should never be the crucial point to focus on while risking your money. That is the main reason why people prefer playing live games.

They are expecting that some of their actions will change the outcome and help them win even when luck is not on their side so much. One of the best examples of that is Poker. If you are good enough, you might manage to win against other players even when you are constantly getting bad cards. You can do that by making good decisions related to stakes, raising bets, bluffing, or simply folding on time and waiting for the right combination.

Things are similar for Roulette and Blackjack as well. For example, there is no need to test your luck when you already have too many cards and a result of 16 or 17 in Blackjack. There is a chance to get the right number, but the odds for that are quite small. On the other side, with the right approach, you will manage to gain profit in the long run if you decide to not risk too much.

Another great example is when you play on colors in Roulette. The chance of hitting the right one is almost 50%. Therefore, a doubling method can be a great way to win in the long run. For instance, you can start with $10, and then double it each time when you lose. On the other hand, you should get back to the initial point the first time you win the hand. That will provide more time to spend in the game without the need to make additional payments.

The key is to be realistic. Chances that you will get a better combination than a dealer in every hand are very low. Each winning strike will eventually end, but the same is for a losing one. Therefore, controlling your budget is the key.

Control Your Budget


In most cases, this is the only thing that you can do to improve the chance to win. We already mentioned the doubling model. There are some other ways to control your funds as well, such as creating certain limits and sticking to them all the time.

Staying focused on your balance is the key no matter what game you are playing. When it comes to live dealer Blackjack, or live dealer Roulette, sticking to strict limits is the only way to increase your balance over time.

You can implement it in Texas Hold’Em as well, by creating rules and actions for different combinations and outcomes. For example, never pay for a blind when you get 2 and 7, or 3 and 8 since these are very bad combinations. Also, that will help you determine how far you should go in raising when you have good cards. For example, you have two pairs, but there is a chance that someone has a straight or a full house.

When it comes to poker, there are other types of strategies that you can integrate besides the focus on your funds. For example, you can choose to be more passive or more aggressive, to bluff more often, or combine all of these approaches all the time, which is often the most common case.

Control Your Emotions


This is another key part of having a good approach. As we already mentioned, facing both losing and winning strikes is a reality, and you can face it in any game all the time. The mistake many players are making is related to thinking that they are having a lucky day, or when they start chasing losses with too much money.

In the first case, the issue is that a player can easily lose control you’re the balance, and start risking much more money in the following hands, only because he was winning more often in previous ones. Keep in mind that using this approach can quickly lead to an empty balance.

On the other side, investing high hopes in the next hand, even though there is no way to predict the outcome, is also a serious mistake. Missing some card or filed can lead to a lot of frustration, and that can interfere with actions. However, you must stay focused on thinking only about the main strategy and chance to win in the long run.


Strategy is the core of gambling, no matter whether it is a skill-based game or some options where you can only rely on luck. Even when you are playing slots, a strategy related to progressive increasing or lowering the coin size can make a huge impact on your balance.