Why Are Snapchat Bots Adding Me Randomly? Unpacking the Reasons Behind

Although Snapchat makes an effort to identify and eliminate bot accounts from the app, it is difficult or even impossible to do so. Every day, new Snapchat bots are being developed. It’s crucial to know more about bots and what they’re trying to do with your account because some of them are more harmful than others.

This article will answer frequently asked questions about Snapchat bots and provide step-by-step instructions on how to stay clear of them while using the app.

Why Do I Keep Getting Snapchat Adds From Bots?

A bot might try to add your Snapchat account for a few typical reasons. The following section of this tutorial will outline the typical objectives of the majority of spambots on the Snapchat program if you’re curious about what exactly the bots on Snapchat are there to perform.

1. They Want to Profit from You by Using Explicit Images


This is among the more nefarious motives for which a bot might try to add you on Snapchat. You might have received explicit snaps and messages from certain bots that added you on Snapchat in an effort to get you to pay money to their account using a variety of different cash transfer methods.

This particular scam involves sending obscene photographs and conversations to other Snapchat users while deceiving them into believing they are speaking with a genuine person. These spambots typically end by attempting to persuade a Snapchat user to send money via the well-known cash transfer service, Cashapp.

It is nearly always a given that any explicit messages or images you receive from an account you are unfamiliar with are being sent by a spambot posing as a real person. Because of this, you should ignore these communications and immediately block and report the sender’s account. By doing this, Snapchat may remain spambot-free.

2. They want to spread false information

Snapchat bot

Snapchat spambots are one of the most widely used methods for spreading false information or political agendas since they allow users to be exposed to a large number of messages against their choice.

It has been shown that fake news can be harmful. There are a lot of impressionable folks on the internet who are susceptible to this kind of propaganda. Snapchat spambots take advantage of this idea and employ it to distribute the message they are currently attempting to promote.

The likelihood that someone will be responsive to fake news increases with the number of individuals exposed to it. This kind of automated advertising frequently tries to entice viewers to external fake news websites that are focused on a particular goal.

You should avoid interacting with these kinds of accounts. You should block and report any fake news spambots that you encounter while using the Snapchat application. This may contribute to everyone’s safety on Snapchat.

3. They Want to Use Crypto to Scam You

Another prevalent Snapchat spambot scam includes the escalating cryptocurrency interest. The likelihood of cryptocurrencies becoming a more widely used form of currency increases along with their popularity.

In order to get users to interact with other cryptocurrency investors on the app, spambots on Snapchat take advantage of the fact that the market for cryptocurrencies is expanding quickly. These talks typically focus on persuading a Snapchat user to buy some kind of cryptocurrency or to take part in a trade with the spambot.Most frequently, crypto spambots send out messages in an effort to persuade readers to click on an outside link that would take them to a website where they may buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. These websites are rarely trustworthy, and users who fall for this fraud risk suffering significant losses.

Like any money trade, cryptocurrency transactions should be done cautiously and only with dependable parties. Engaging in cryptocurrency spambot accounts runs the risk of you losing money with no actual legal means to get it back.

You can fairly conclude that an account is a spambot if you start receiving messages regarding cryptocurrencies from a Snapchat user you don’t know. To warn Snapchat of a potential bot on the app, you should ignore all messages from this account and block and report them.

4. They desire your credentials to be stolen

credentials to be stolen

The most frequent usage of a spambot on Snapchat is to steal a user’s login information. This includes Snapchat account information as well as more sensitive information like your bank account numbers or home address. The most popular method they employ to achieve this is to send a Snapchat message to a user that contains a link to a website that requires personal information in order to access. For example, a message from a stranger on Snapchat notifying you of an ongoing giveaway that requires your Snapchat account information to enter is almost guaranteed to be a scam.

Users are frequently tricked into logging into their social media or bank accounts while inside these external links by these links. This will give the spambot’s developer access to all of your data. As its only objective is online theft, this spambot type is the most dangerous.

If you receive messages on Snapchat from unknown people requesting you to sign in with your credentials someplace, you should never respond to them. Report the sender of the message to Snapchat right away and block their account.

5. They want to send people somewhere

Snapchat Tricks

On occasion, spambots will get in touch with you in an effort to drive traffic to a profile or website. One typical application of spambots on Snapchat is this. They are given the automated task of making numerous requests and messages to other app users in an effort to drive more traffic to a profile or website that they maintain.

Even though this is bothersome, these spambots often exist only to spread advertisements and may not be as harmful or possibly dangerous as some of the other spambots covered in this tutorial.

To that end, you should avoid responding with any messages or profiles that appear to be spambots on Snapchat if they are attempting to send users to a third-party website or profile, and you should report them to Snapchat so that they can be removed.

How To Stop Snapchat Bots From Adding You

You may look at some techniques that will assist you in avoiding spambots now that you have a better understanding of what they are and why you should avoid them. While it may be impossible to totally prevent spambots, following these suggestions might help you considerably reduce the likelihood of coming into contact with one while using the Snapchat app.

1. Uncheck the “Show Me On Quick Add” box

With the aid of a sophisticated algorithm, the app’s “Quick Add” function on Snapchat lets users access a curated list of suggested pals. Using information such as mutual friends, location, and shared hobbies, this algorithm generates suggestions for possible buddies for you.

Your Snapchat profile will be significantly more visible if “Show Me On Quick Add” is enabled, which may result in more interactions and spambot messages. It may be difficult to randomly find your profile if these features are disabled.

You must first launch the Snapchat app and log in before you can disable the “Show Me On Quick Add” function. Tap on your profile photo within the app. After being directed to the profile screen, click the settings icon, which resembles a gear.

There is a tab titled “Who Can…” in the settings menu. The “Show Me On Quick Add” feature can be turned on and off there.

2. Switch off Add by phone number and email

You can modify your default privacy settings in the same menu where you can toggle the “Show Me On Quick Add” option. This includes preventing anyone from using your email or phone number to find you on the Snapchat app.

Some spammers use software to generate arbitrary email addresses and phone numbers and look them up on Snapchat. The user will begin getting spam messages, some of which may be hazardous, once it discovers a match.

Spambots won’t be able to find your account this way if you disable the options that let others find you by your phone number and email. Keep in mind that this will also keep any of your potential friends from finding you on Snapchat as well.

3. Modify your website’s Snap Code

Snap Code

You may want to change your Snap Code if you frequently receive spam messages on the Snapchat app. If you have been releasing your snap code publicly to increase views on your Snapchat stories, this can be extremely useful.

Spambots can use software to find Snap Codes and Snapchat usernames, store the information, and then message your profile. Any information that a spambot has stored on your profile may become useless if you change your Snap Code.

4. Before adding someone back, confirm who added you.

Any social media platform’s capacity to connect users with new acquaintances all around the world is one of its key draws. Having stated that, when using Snapchat, you should exercise caution when adding new contacts.

You incur the danger of perhaps interacting with malicious profiles when you add someone back who you do not know, particularly if you have previously removed them because of suspicions. It’s a good idea to make sure you know someone at least a little bit before adding them to Snapchat.

5. To ignore them after they add you, click the X

By clicking “X” on the add notification, you can simply reject and ignore the ad if it comes from an account that you suspect is a spambot. They won’t be able to get in touch with you as a result of this.

It is important to always take this action if you believe a spambot has added you. To help keep Snapchat spam-free, you can block and report the account.

6. Disallow them


Although it has been recommended numerous times throughout this tutorial, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of banning any Snapchat spambots that you come across. By blocking the bot, you may prevent further interaction from them and maintain the security of your account.

Simply swipe right from the camera screen to view your friend’s screen on Snapchat to block a person. If you tap and hold the name of the spambot account that sent you a message on this screen, a menu will appear. You can block the user by selecting “More” from the menu that appears. Your profile will become invisible to the spam account as a result.

7. Modify Your Username

You can now alter your Snapchat username thanks to a function that was just released. Similar to altering your Snap Code, changing your username might lessen the likelihood that spambots controlled by the same individual will contact you by removing any pertinent information about your account from their database.

8. Let them know

It is crucial that you report any spambots you come across on the Snapchat app so that they can be found and eliminated. The usage of a bot is prohibited under Snapchat’s severe policy against them and is also against their terms of service. In order to keep Snapchat safe for all users, spambots should be reported because doing so would dramatically reduce their number.

9. Let Snapchat know there’s a problem

Snapchat Support

You should contact Snapchat and request that they look into the issue if a recent encounter with a spambot has left you experiencing problems with your account or application. They can provide you with thorough solutions and action plans that may help you address your issue.

How To Fix Problems Cause By Spambots on Snapchat

Consider using some of these troubleshooting techniques if your account has been compromised or your Snapchat app has been giving you problems following a recent engagement with a spambot. These techniques have been shown to be effective in resolving a variety of issues with the Snapchat program.

1. Restart your Snapchat application

The majority of the time, restarting the Snapchat app will solve your problems. Restarting the app gives Snapchat a chance to end any erroneous functions that might have caused your Snap to not send correctly.

If you find that you are having issues after a recent interaction with a spambot, restarting the application can also force the application to end any erroneous functions. Simply log in to Snapchat after restarting and the app will begin to reconcile itself.

2. Speak with Snapchat Support

You can obtain assistance from Snapchat support if you are experiencing a major issue with your Snapchat. Your issue will be passed to their technical support staff, who will take your issue under consideration and make a solution recommendation.

This should only be used as a last option after trying every other technique of troubleshooting previously mentioned here. Dealing with technical help over the phone might be frustrating, but have patience. The technical support staff of Snapchat can frequently assist in resolving any issues the average user may experience.

Does Snapchat Have Spam Bots?

Unfortunately, spambots are rather common on the Snapchat app, as they are on most social media platforms.

Spambots are frequently found in your inbox, where you will discover that they have sent you some kind of message that appears random and irreverent and frequently invites you to click a link.It is not recommended to engage with spambots when using the Snapchat app since they could be harmful to your account. If you’re unsure of what a spam bot looks like, they appear to be any other false account, but they typically mail you in an effort to get anything.



A bot is a computer software made to do automated operations that are focused on a certain function. Particularly spambots are notorious for clogging up Snapchat inboxes with unwanted and pointless messages. These bots are typically only a little annoyance because their primary purpose is to promote or push a certain website in order to increase views. Bots may occasionally be employed for more nefarious purposes, such as malware infection or scams.

It is advised to steer clear of any potential interactions with bots while using the Snapchat app, regardless of what they may be trying to accomplish with your profile. You can lessen your likelihood of being targeted by Snapchat bots with the aid of this tutorial.

How Do Spammers Get My Snapchat?

Most of the time, when you see a spambot in your Snapchat messages or comments, it’s not because you were deliberately targeted. Spambots send out random messages and requests in bulk using their automated software. Because the spambot is automated, it can carry on in this manner as long as the bot’s developer permits it to, or until Snapchat discovers it and takes action to remove it.

Spambots didn’t look for your account specifically; instead, they discovered it by utilizing software that looks up usernames in the Snapchat database and sends messages and requests to those it can.

How Does a Snapchat Spambot Work?
If users have the necessary coding and software knowledge, they can develop custom code and create their own spambot for use on the Snapchat program. The majority of folks that have some sort of spambot account installed just downloaded it from the internet. You need to use some sort of third-party program to access your Snapchat application in order to run a spambot.

Final Words

This tutorial has outlined the various kinds of spambots you could run into when using the Snapchat app, as well as some precautions you can take to help prevent them.

When using Snapchat, it’s vital to avoid interacting with spambots to avoid having your private information stolen or having malware put on your device.

As detailed above, some spambots are more malicious than others, but you should still block and report all accounts that send you any type of spam messages on Snapchat. This will keep everyone safe and prevent the use of bots on Snapchat.