Preserving History: Riva Boat Restoration Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

The word “restoration” comes from the Latin “restauration” which means “restoration”, or “establishment”. In the broadest sense, restoration is the process of re-establishing something that has failed or been destroyed. Many things can be restored, such as art paintings, sculptures, furniture, cars, motorcycles, buildings, and certain boats. The person who performs the restoration – the restorer – performs professional restoration work to protect and preserve goods and practically brings back to life objects that someone else would probably send to the landfill. What interests many is where to start when it comes to the restoration of wooden boats.

The first and most important step is to get to know the vessel well in order to make the restoration as successful as possible. Keep in mind that the point of the restoration itself is to return the boat to its original appearance and condition, not to improve and modernize it. So, take your time and explore as much as you can find on this link about Riva Boat Restorations. Only this way it will get a good value as well as oldtimers.


By this term, we mean clearing the inner surface of unnecessary things. So, remove everything that could get in your way when performing the work.

Engine and spare parts


Let’s assume that you start the restoration from the heart of the boat, which is the engine. If the engine is still in good condition, it is necessary to clean it carefully in order to restore its old shine. If it’s faulty, it’s time to replace it. However, keep in mind that it is best to try to find the same engine so that the vessel retains its original appearance and parts, and therefore gains in price after restoration.


Wood is the best natural material. Although it is long-lived, it deteriorates over time, especially if it is not maintained properly (if it is often wet, it is not varnished to protect it from damage and insects, and so on). If the floors are not damaged to a great extent, carefully sand them and repaint them with the same color as before. We note once again that it is very important during the restoration that as many parts as possible remain authentic.

Other works

Further work on the restoration of the boat is individual and depends on the current condition of the vessel. In any case, it is necessary to acquire original parts so that the boat remains authentic and does not lose its value.

How long does the restoration take?


It is not easy to answer this question because it primarily depends on the current state of the vessel. Some restorations can take several years.

Is it worth it?

Restoration requires a lot of investment (both time and money), but it is definitely worth it because your boat will really gain value. It is estimated that the value of restored Riva boats reaches a six-figure sum.

When is the best time to buy a boat?

The answer is quite simple: the best time to buy a boat is during the off-season, according to experts across the shipping industry. Conversely, the best time to sell a boat is at the beginning of the sailing season when demand is high.


A ship is not like other things, just a tool that makes our life easier. It is not like things that quickly lose value, which we throw away after a few years, but lasts as long as the love for him. It doesn’t matter if it’s wooden, plastic, or any other material, it doesn’t matter how big it is, it only matters how much it’s used and what kind of relationship it has with the owner. Exposed to wind, rain, sea, sun, other atmospheric, and other influences, a ship without love and care deteriorates very quickly. It also deteriorates by standing still, when it does not sail for a long time.

What should you pay attention to when choosing?


When deciding to buy a boat, you should take into account its purpose. The bigger the boat, the further the contact with the sea and the harder it is to fish, so sometimes it is difficult to combine family cruising and fishing. Those who like speed and occasional outings are offered a variety of fishermen, those who like relaxation and comfort, spend a lot of time at sea, and are not in a hurry, have a whole range of boats at their disposal.


If you have never sailed or operated a vessel before, do some training before you go. It is necessary that you have passed the test for a boat operator, know the rules, and have the appropriate safety equipment. In the end, it is always the best advice to seek the help of professionals in this field in time in case of ambiguities in order to avoid major problems because when it comes to boats and yachts, it is still a matter of high-value property and significant financial transactions.

Final thoughts

Cruising is a magical marine experience, whether you’re sailing cold seas to spectacular fjords or headed to a tropical paradise. Sailing offers you many opportunities for fun and enjoyment during the journey, with a beautiful view, and when you disembark – the exploration of new places follows! They say sometimes “some things are worth living for”. Sailing – that feeling of freedom as the shades of blue change in front of you, and the wind ruffles your hair on the way to a hitherto undiscovered bay – could definitely be one of them. Sailing has a number of advantages that sailors know very well, and you, as a beginner, will only get to know them. These are primarily freedom of movement and mobility – breakfast in one place, lunch in another, dinner in a third place, and the possibility to explore a lot in a short time.