First Look: Star Trek Picard Ships 1-2 – The Next Generation of Starships

Coming in April, here’s a first look at final models for the new Star Trek Official Starships Collection.

The new collection will feature ships from Discovery, Picard and Strange New Worlds, with the first four coming from the first season of Star Trek: Picard.

The collection launches with the late 24th-century La Sirena, an unregistered, warp-capable Kaplan F17 speed freighter owned and operated by Captain Cristóbal Rios and hired by Picard for his mission to find Doctor Bruce Maddox and Soji Asha.

picard Collection

The second ship in the collection is the 24th-century Inquiry-class U.S.S. Zheng-He NCC-86505 that Riker led into action to help defend Coppelius, and which he describes as “the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet ever put into service.”

picard ship

This pair will be followed by the modern update to the classic Romulan Bird-of-Prey and Seven of Nine’s Fenris Ranger ship.

These highly detailed and hand-painted ships will be cast at the same scale as the Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection, to keep your collections compatible, and come with an in-depth magazine on the design and capability of each ship.