Safe GPU Temperature Range – What is a Normal GPU Temp?

Discover how to stop your system from overheating with practical cooling solutions and maintenance tips to ensure smooth gaming and protect your hardware.

As an avid gamer or someone who frequently uses high-powered computer programs, I’ve learned that the temperature of my graphics card—the component that brings my games to life—is crucial. If it overheats, not only can it throttle the performance of my games, but it can also pose a risk to my computer’s overall health. So, … Read more

GPU Fan Not Spinning? Potential Causes and Fixes

What arer the reasons behind a non-spinning GPU fan and what solutions are there.

Before declaring victory in optimizing our laptops or desktop PCs, selecting the right graphics processing unit (GPU) is a critical step. Yet, coming across a GPU fan that stubbornly refuses to spin can leave me both puzzled and concerned. Such an issue doesn’t just pose a risk to the GPU’s lifespan. It can drastically affect … Read more

How to Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys: Ensuring Precision – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Remove Mechanical Keyboard Keys - cleaning tips

I often find myself needing to remove the keycaps to clean the keyboard or replace the switches. Unlike membrane keyboards, being able to remove mechanical keyboard keys with the right tools and techniques ensures the longevity and performance of my beloved keyboard. Knowing how to remove mechanical keyboard keys is not only valuable for maintenance … Read more