Only Fans Search Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

While explicating and adult content have been popular on the internet since its introduction, the OnlyFans platform has managed to bring some innovation into this industry. First of all, it is about the communication and relation with the subscriber, which is now more intimate.

For example, there are people you can find on this website who are willing to chat with followers, or even follow some of their requests. Also, there is an even wider selection of categories available. You can easily search through different niches and find the right profile if you check out Also, we will introduce you to some more details about the biggest trends and what to avoid on this platform.

Most Popular Profiles


The best way to understand the most popular trends at the moment is to check those people who are getting the most subscribers. Currently, the top earner is Blac Chyna, with over 16 million followers. The monthly fee for following this account is $20, which means that she is earning over $20 million each month.

Another interesting mention is Bella Thorne. She started on Twitch as a video game streamer. However, she recognized that OF would bring her even higher popularity. Also, this is a perfect example that a successful profile does not have to share nudity and explicit content to reach millions of followers, which is the case with Bella. She has over 24 million subscribers and earns over $10 million each month.

A lot of famous people like actors, pop stars, and models also have their OF accounts. For them, it is an additional way of monetizing the fame. One of the best examples of that is Cardi B, with over 80 million followers who are paying $5 per month to see some of her exclusive photos and videos.

On the other hand, there are also some people known in the adult industry, like Belle Delphine and Mia Khalifa. For them, this platform is a much more profitable way of sharing nude videos and similar content. The profit is much higher when we compare it to typical adult websites.

Wide Selection of Categories

Wide Selection of Categories

The first thing most people will think about when they hear about OF is the adult content. It is not a surprise since that represents the biggest part of the platform. However, there are many other niches available, and not all of them are explicit.

For example, there are fitness instructors who are using this website to share their videos and training. That is a perfect example of how this website can serve other purposes rather than just being an adult website.

There are also many interesting profiles where people are wearing masks and cosplay. The main intention of the creator of OF was to allow people to express themselves, especially when it comes to art and creativity. In that matter, you should explore different niches to find preferred content. There are some free accounts available as well. Another great thing about OnlyFans is that the content is available on the phone as well.

Why is It so Popular?

Why is It so Popular

First of all, it is not about the adult content but rather about the way people are sharing it and how they can communicate with the audience. For example, you might be interested in some particular category, and this platform is perfect since you can find a creator, and even communicate with that person. That will create a unique experience.

It managed to completely change the adult industry in a short time. Suddenly, becoming a porn star became much easier, and much more profitable. Also, there are many examples where people are combining different types of content.

One of the best examples is Nataly’s Fitness profile. You can follow her for free to check out some of her motivational messages and various content related to fitness. On the other side, you can check out explicit photos and videos, but that will require a paid subscription.

Moreover, this website is perfect for those looking for something specific and unique. There are many profiles aware of that, and they are making unique videos that are following certain fantasies and desires.

Things to Avoid as a Creator

While the potential is huge, keep in mind that reaching a lot of followers is not that simple. There are over 1.5 million creators, which means that the competition is very high. Therefore, the most important thing is to avoid some mistakes.

For instance, it was common for creators to offer flash sales, a lot of free content, or pay per view option. While that was popular in the beginning, users became more interested in paying monthly subscriptions.

Furthermore, we already mentioned that unique relations with followers are what makes this platform different. In that matter, using mass messages that you will send to all people at once is not the best way to communicate.

The crucial part is to choose the right niche and find a way to make people more interested. That will require you to come up with something unique or to choose something that is already very popular. Also, keep in mind that some trends are quickly fading away, which means that you should be prepared to adapt.

The most important thing is to be consistent and to create a meaningful list of videos and photos, where you can either follow some trends or use your unique style. While sticking only to the biggest trends may seem simple and efficient, that could also make your profile appear more monotonous. Therefore, adding a special touch or something unique is the best option.

The Bottom Line

OnlyFans made a huge impact on the adult industry. The main reason for that is the ability to create a special experience by sharing more personalized content. Also, people love the ability to communicate with creators.

It is the best option if you are looking for something specific, like a special theme, or a fantasy. While adult content makes up the biggest part of the platform, you can also find a lot of other niches and categories, like traveling, cooking, fitness, music, and more.