Snowpiercer Season 3 Review – New Nine Episodes

Snowpiercer Season 3 Review

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Snowpiercer has returned for a third season, with new episodes streaming weekly on Netflix. Featuring a new status quo, a new direction and new cast members, the premiere episode rattles along. Matthew Turner gets on track. The previous season of Snowpiercer pulled off a clever narrative trick with its cliffhanger, essentially dangling the basics of it … Read more

The Flash Season 8 Team-Up

the Flash

This November, television screens across the globe will light up once again with the thrilling return of The Flash for an eighth season. This beloved DC hero, known as The Fastest Man Alive, is gearing up for a high-octane adventure. Reunion of Heroes: CWverse Stars Reprise Their Roles This time, however, he won’t be going … Read more