“Phoenix Rising: Jean Grey’s Genius Move in the X-Men Universe”

Marvel’s five-issue miniseries, Phoenix: Resurrection, delivered on its title this week, fulfilling one of the major promises of the company’s Legacy relaunch. In the final issue, Jean Grey has returned to life once again.

But what does this imply for the Phoenix Force, the ultimate cosmic entity of life, death, and rebirth that favors Jean Grey as its host? And how was Jean resurrected in the first place?

Here’s How Marvel Revived Jean Grey From The Dead (Again)


Following a series of mysterious, psychic events in locations worldwide that hold special significance to Jean Grey’s life, the X-Men discover that Jean’s grave is empty. In case you’re wondering when Jean died, it was back in 2004 — a nearly 14-year span. Considering Jean’s reputation for resurrection, that’s an impressive amount of time to remain deceased.

Regardless, Jean’s empty grave leads the X-Men to an inevitable conclusion: Jean Grey has returned, and so has the immensely powerful cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force.

Simultaneously, we see a young woman named Jean, who works as a waitress in a picturesque small town — a town populated by doppelgangers of the most important people in Jean Grey’s life. Scott Summers (Cyclops), a car mechanic named James Howlett (Wolverine), and even an adult version of Annie Richardson, the young girl whose death triggered Jean’s telepathic mutation, are present.

This Jean appears oblivious to any deeper meaning in her life, but peculiar events are undoubtedly unfolding. In this week’s issue, written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and Joe Bennett, the town is revealed as a simulated life created for her by the Phoenix. The entity desires Jean to be its host once more, so it resurrected her and constructed the illusion of a town to shape her psyche to align with its destructive nature. When the X-Men find it, the Phoenix allows them in, intending to manipulate Jean into merging with it.

Fortunately for the X-Men (and Earth and the universe), the Phoenix’s plan fails. The Phoenix cannot persuade Jean to desire its power more than her freedom from it. Not even by, in a poignant scene, reminding Jean that it could bring back a certain deceased X-Men character who has been significant to her throughout the years.

Conceding defeat, the Phoenix and Jean bid farewell — and the X-Men welcome their long-lost founding member back, alive and unscathed.

Jean’s story will proceed in X-Men: Red, written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Mahmud Asrar, in which she’ll lead her own team of X-Men, featuring Nightcrawler, Namor the Submariner, and Laura Kinney’s Wolverine.


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When did Jean Grey die originally?

Jean Grey originally died in 2004 and remained deceased for nearly 14 years.

How was Jean Grey brought back to life?

The Phoenix Force resurrected Jean Grey and constructed a simulated life for her to make her more compatible with its destructive nature.

What happens now that Jean Grey has returned to life?

Jean Grey will lead her own team of X-Men in X-Men: Red, featuring Nightcrawler, Namor the Submariner, and Laura Kinney’s Wolverine.


In Phoenix: Resurrection, Marvel has successfully brought Jean Grey back to life, reuniting her with the X-Men and paving the way for new adventures in X-Men: Red. Despite the Phoenix Force’s attempts to manipulate Jean into becoming its host once more, Jean ultimately chose freedom over power.

As a result, Jean’s resurrection not only signifies her return but also highlights her personal growth and strength of character. With Jean now leading her own team